What is the Do It Daily Challenge?

What is the Do It Daily Challenge?

The DO IT DAILY Challenge is a daily challenge for entrepreneurs, business owners, and salespeople.  DIDC sends you daily tasks via email or text or both and gives you 2 options.

  1. Accept the challenge or
  2. Decline the challenge

You can accept the challenge.  You then report back by end of day and tell us you completed the task.

You can decline the challenge.  You can choose not to do the activity.  There may be some days you just can’t do it.  We recommend having very few or NONE of these days.


What kind of challenges or tasks will be given?

Challenges will include many different marketing, sales, and automation tasks to help you get to the next level. From challenging you to call 5 recent prospects, to asking your current customers specific questions, to emailing, to updating profiles, etc. our challenges are designed to get momentum, maintain momentum, and get your business booming!

Who comes up with these tasks?

We consult with experts in many different industries to get you the most value added tasks. We also will provide training and support with tasks. You will learn more and do more using our challenges!