Chris Yates
B2B Sales Expert, Consultative Selling
Chris Yates is currently the Chief Branding Officer for Blue Dot Promotional Marketing. Chris works with small, mid size, and large businesses to help them build their brand and increase revenue. Chris has successfully built and sold two companies. Chris' expertise is in B2B sales including lead generation, the sales process, and closing the sale. Chris also has strong knowledge in brand awareness and tradeshow marketing.
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Robyn Hatfield
Sales Process, Lead Generation
Robyn Hatfield is currently the Chief Sales & Marketing Officer for Follow Your Arrow Marketing. Robyn's background includes information technology, business consulting for a Big 5 consulting firm (Accenture), sales for Corporate America (where she ranked in the top 5 for 3 straight years), financial advising/analysis, and owning her own business. Robyn's expertise is in creating a sales process that generates consistent leads and sales in the B2B environment.
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Tony D'Abbondanza
Sales Leadership, In-Person Sales, Recruitment
Tony is what you call a BIG HITTER in the world of enterprise-level sales and recruitment. Tony has worked in different industries and has seen massive success in all of them. Tony's current role is Director of Agency Development for Dragon Financial. He ensures the growth of his agency by recruitment initiatives, sales production, and brand development. Tony's philosophy was learned early in his career: be honest, create value, and lead by example. Tony is the father of two amazing kids. Tony says that like his kids, those around you are always paying attention; provide a great example to follow!
Alexandra Caro
Operations, Process Improvement, Leadership
Alexandra Caro is our operations specialist. She is the Senior National Operations Manager for Ricoh Americas living in Austin, Texas. She oversees the entire staff of her client site as well as serves as the direct contact for her corporate customer. Her areas of expertise include process improvement, process flow, employee and leadership development, and cross functional integration and implementation.